The Norco Torrent - Fun in any Situation

A few months ago I did something unexpected for my style of riding (slow and careful) - I bought a Norco Torrent 7.1+ hardtail. The Torrent is an all mountain hardtail with a 140mm DVO Diamond fork. Many won't have heard of DVO Suspension. They make only high-end downhill and enduro forks and shocks and were the US guys behind the respected Marzocchi brand. Read up on it and you'll see that it's a well-built product that has almost infinite adjustment.

The rest of the parts work great, and the stock Maxxis Minion DH 2.8 tires will roll over anything. Spank rims wer ealso a great choice on a bike like this. The only weak spot was the Trans-X dropper post that eventually was swapped for a KH (photos show the transition period with a fixed post).


I'm not a good bike reviewer but I can say this bike is fun wherever you ride it. Most of my riding is done on Mill Mountain lunch rides and this bike is perfect for those. It is kind of a drag riding there on the DH tires so I made the switch to Ikons, which I'm looking forward to maybe even trying out later today. Come by and check this bike out, if not just to see the Diamond fork in person.